U.S. Army Corps
of Engineers FED

Yojin C&E, leading international construction standards, will increase the trust by using developed technologies, experience and know-how.

We have taken responsibilities for construction, completion and maintenance of facility, which the U.S. government asked us to build for U.S. Forces stationed in South Korea.

Based on our advanced technologies, experience, 
and reputation accumulated over 40 years

For the US Armed Forces in Korea, Yojin C&E has constructed buildings that comply with both the US FED guidelines and adhere to the interational CM standardized system(start, completion, maintenance and quality certification of the construction). As a leading contractor, Yojin C&E has successfully carried out several construction projects by following the US FED’s multi-phase inspection system, and received thorough confirmation and approval on the quality. Based on our advanced technologies, experience, and reputation accumulated over 30 years, Yojin C&E will be the world leader in the construction industry through the success ful completion of US FED and overseas construction projects.